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I'm great at attracting rejection. One day, on the bus, two different people at two different stops got off immediately after looking at me, and then threw up on the sidewalk.

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Medical School Rejections

I have 63 rejections from 41 different medical schools. For those in the know, I had a 3.3 GPA (Post Bacc 3.9), MCAT scores of VR11, PS13, BS12, five years of volunteer experience in a hospital, a year as a medical receptionist, and wanted to do something useful.

I have been asked why I took the time to type in all these letters. I started this web page while I was waiting for the last of my replies from medical schools. I transcribed the letters as they came in. This web page then just sat until it was indexed by some search engines. Once in a while the link gets posted on a bulletin board and I'll get a flurry of hits.

I'm also asked is why I didn't get in. It's usually in an email with a tone that says, "Why didn't you get in, loser? There were plenty of underqualified people in my class who are now doctors. There must be something wrong with you." And don't think I haven't heard those exact words.

I didn't get in because of bad luck and bad timing. I applied when the number of people wanting to get into medical school was peaking. I was also too old, too Asian, and my undergraduate GPA was too low.

I quit trying after several years of being told by the admissions committees that there was nothing wrong with my application. I thought about other medical careers, but I gave that up after asking the admissions officer of a local medical school about Physician's Assistant and Nursing programs, and she suggested, "I don't know, but have you ever thought about becoming an X-Ray Tech?"

If you're applying to medical school, good luck to you and remember to chase down all your recommendation letters and READ THEM. Don't apply until all your ducks are in a row. And keep your fingers crossed. When the pool of prospective students is full of qualified applicants, it it takes some luck.

Click here for a table of schools and rejections. It's a much better overview.

Job rejections

Standard boilerplate text for a rejection should include the statement:

Due to the number of qualified applicants, we regret to inform you that we are unable to offer you a position in (something). These are a little different.

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